App to do the sustainability sums

A company has launched a tool to help small businesses become as eco-friendly as possible.
Small99 have created a carbon calculator which, via 30 questions, produces a scorecard to guide businesses on their next steps to a greener approach, looking at everything from supply chains to how employees get to work.
Some questions centre on energy consumption, such as: “Do you measure the energy usage of your devices?”, whilst others focus on how you import your goods: “Do you use sustainable transportation for your local deliveries?”, right through to whether a firm owns any second-hand and/or refurbished appliances.
Once completed, the tool then provides business owners with an overview of their “scores”, highlighting where they can make improvements.
Founder Adam Bastock said: “Too many small businesses are struggling to find practical advice that actually applies to how their business operates. When assessing their impact on the environment, it can get quickly overwhelming.
“Getting wrapped up in measurements and numbers takes the focus off of making practical decisions, which is what we hope the scorecard will help to alleviate.
“In fact, we often see that a barrier to change is fear of doing something wrong. We want to inspire business owners, not put them off.”
More on the app here