Gender Pay reporting failure

33% of organisations fail to provide a link to their gender pay gap report

Analysis undertaken by has shown that 33% of the 8,237 private and voluntary organisations that have submitted their gender pay gap data have failed to provide a link to their gender pay gap reports on the government website in this reporting year. Government guidelines stipulate that private and voluntary organisations are required to submit their gender pay gap metrics in addition to a report which is published on their website. A link to the report should also be submitted to the government website along with the statutory metrics.

The issue highlights that many organisations are not taking gender pay gap reporting seriously. It also suggests that more needs to be done to ensure that organisations meet the guidelines in full. This could come through more meaningful action being taken against those who fail to comply.

According to Innes Miller, Chief Commercial Officer of, “Organisations that fail to include a link are sending a message that says that gender pay gap reporting is simply a compliance excercise and not something that is important to their future. It reflects poorly among current employees, prospective employees, customers and investors who are looking for a commitment and a clear understanding of how the organisation plans to achieve greater equality”. logo