Free workshops to help small businesses ‘do it digital’

Small businesses around the UK that want to increase their level of digital and online activity can access free, expert advice through a series of workshops being staged by ‘Do It Digital’, an independent, not-for-profit campaign.

Over the course of the next few months experts will be giving talks and leading workshops around the country that will be open to existing and aspiring small businesses and entrepreneurs. The series will be informal and participatory and each talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Each event will also be streamed live online and will include a live Twitter Q&A to allow for digital participation for those who cannot make the talks in person.

Forthcoming events include: 

Growing Your Business with Instagram on February 15 at Somerset House in London. This event will highlight the ways in which you can use Instagram as a tool to help build your brand, discussing strategies and tactics to start growing your Instagram community.

Digital Trends on February 22 at Highbridge Enterprise Centre, near Burnham On Sea, Somerset. The session will look at apps and cloud solutions, will explore the latest website trends; look at Cyber Security and how to prevent or limit an attack and examine the rise of Instagram and Pinterest in 2017.

Cracking The Code To Marketing Success In Five Steps on February 23 will be an online webinar. It will take participants through, and help them to complete, the five steps that make a Marketing Success Plan – the foundation to build before spending any time or money on marketing.

Connecting with Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagrammers on February 27 at Google Campus, London. The session will explore the power of influencers as part of a marketing strategy.

Why You Start with Digital is being held on March 29 in Bristol. This will outline why marketing should start with digital; featuring digital templates for branding and how to format websites for mobile.

The Do It Digital campaign aims to help the digitally un-engaged take their first steps online whilst promoting opportunities for those already online to engage further and expand their digital horizons.

“These free workshops will positively promote the benefits of digital engagement for small businesses, from having a simple web presence to taking the first steps towards selling online, and how they can help themselves,” explains Do It Digital Director, Michelle Ovens.

“Digital engagement is crucial for all aspects of business, from marketing and recruitment to banking and accounting, and is only likely to become more so. Digital engagement will become increasingly central to the development of competitive, profitable and growing businesses.”

More information on these and other workshops can be found on the Do It Digital website,