Free payroll and free auto enrolment – saves money and the planet

February will see the launch of a revolutionary new technology platform for SMEs, one that offers free payroll combined with free auto enrolment, regardless of the company size. The platform is provided by Collegia, one of the fastest growing pension providers in the UK, and certainly the most innovative.

Not only is the new service free to employers, but it also helps the environment, because every penny that an employer or their employees pays into their pension goes into investments that are sustainable and 100% ESG.

And it’s not only good for the planet and an employers’ bottom line, it’s also cheaper for their employees too. Pension charges are based on wholesale and not retail costs, meaning they are some of the cheapest available. The pension has already won awards and is rated as 5 star by Defaqto, the UK’s leading financial services assessment company.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Collegia solves one of the greatest challenges that your employees have when they want to invest in a sustainable manner – balancing risk and reward.

The longer you have to retirement the more risk you take, and the nearer you get the safer your investments should be – simple. The problem is that it’s far from simple with most pension providers and would require your employees to manage their investments as they get older and closer to retirement, something that no one should have to do. This is why Collegia has launched the UK’s only 100% Sustainable Target Date Funds. These funds do all the work for your employees – all they do is plug in their age and expected retirement date and the fund adjusts the investments over time automatically.

So, what’s the catch? The answer is, there really isn’t one. It really is free. The payroll has all the solutions that a business would need including an employer and employee portal. All payroll functions are automated, the clutter-free interface is intuitive and easy to use for anyone who runs your payroll, whether its in-house or by your business advisor – its free for them too!

Besides offering a sleek interface, total control, and compliance with every single HMRC requirement – including RTI and P6/P9 notifications – it offers a truly unique free auto-enrolment solution that massively simplifies your AE compliance obligations, while reducing your costs as well.

Simple things make a big difference which is why the platform allows you to fully brand your payslips or let your employees access their payslips by accessing their dedicated account.

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