Flight risk at an all-time high

Flight Risk of employees has reached a high of 32.6% this month, compared to just 26% in January 2022, meaning that tracking employees’ happiness has never been more important. To help employers tackle this risk, especially during the current economic climate, WorkL  has launched new affordable self-serve surveys to help employers measure employee experience, Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusivity.

When looking at the four factors which drive employees to consider leaving a company, pay has seen the sharpest negative movement over the last year. In January 2021 ‘being fairly paid’ was scored at 68.7% now it has fallen to 63.1%. It’s also worth noting that employee Wellbeing risk, has sadly increased by 10% over the year.

With organisations focusing on the health and Wellbeing of their workforce in January, the launch of the flexible surveys provides immediate data, insight and action plans about how employees are feeling and areas to improve.

The new survey format is ideal for small and medium sized organisations and perfect as pulse surveys for larger organisations. Given the current economic climate, the starting price of £650 will be welcomed by organisations as it challenges the pricing of traditional self-made surveys often used by businesses to survey their employees.

Organisations simply select if they are small, medium, big or very big company based on the number of employees, select when they’d like the survey to commence and end and enter the number of employees being surveyed. Organisations then receive a quote and can pay on card or generate an invoice. The survey goes live on the date set and can then be distributed to employees where their anonymous results can be viewed on the interactive dashboard.

Once the survey closes the results are displayed immediately with insights on the dashboard including an overall engagement score, scores across the six key areas, a word cloud and NPS scores. There is also granular data provided on how employees feel about their organisation, including flight risk as well as employee matrices. There is also an option to add WorkL’s exclusive Instant Action Software.

The Founder of WorkL, former Trade Minister and former Managing Director of Waitrose, Lord Mark Price, comments on the launch; “This time of the year brings a sharp focus on employee Wellbeing and our self-serve surveys are ideal for organisations to kick off the New Year with an assessment of their workforce’s worklife happiness. As hybrid working continues, regular surveys are needed to monitor teams and I encourage organisations to make this a priority for 2023 to help bring down the Flight Risk of the workforce.”

Regular employee experience surveys are proven to increase employee empowerment, decrease Flight Risk and Wellbeing Risk as well as increase Job Satisfaction.