Five reasons to optimise your website design

Guest post by Absolute Media

Understanding the importance of design for your website is at the core of both SEO and PPC, but what about the impact it could have for your customers?

One of the main reasons we encourage our customers to optimise their website design is to ensure that they stand out against their competitors. The website is the core of where the audience will find you and therefore it needs to be as strong as possible. Not only does it need to withstand the amount of traffic but it needs to facilitate online orders.

Improved Google indexing

Another reason is the improved Google indexing. This will improve your Google ranking position and aid you in competing with direct competitors. By using a website design agency such as Absolute Digital Media, you are able to take advantage of expert knowledge in SEO and design to ensure you are building a website that is set for the purpose.

By ensuring the design looks right, you can bring in the audience and provide them with the central hub to get the information they need and either order online.

Reduce the bounce rate

This can improve customer interaction with your business. By ensuring your loading time is below five  seconds and making sure the colour theme is coherent, this would reduce the bounce rate and improve the experience that you are providing to your customer.

Why do you need  an optimised website?

Optimising can take time but by enlisting the help of a qualified team of designers, you can make  sure that the colour theme and overall look works to cater to your audience.

Whether you are implementing an online store or you are looking to optimise landing pages or other aspects of the website, this will build trust with your customer and ensure that they have everything they need from you before purchasing a product or service.

This will improve Google SERP results and customer experience. This is a crucial aspect of design and makes it easier for you to stand out against your direct competition at every stage.

Stronger links to social media

The final reason to optimise your website design as much as possible is the linking of social media platforms. With a majority of agencies encouraging clients to use social media, a strong website design will be able to cope with the additional traffic that it will have brought to it.

In addition, a strong theme between social media pages and the main website will improve customer experience and build trust and expertise at every stage.

With this in mind, there are several opportunities to better your business at every stage, regardless of whether you implement changes to design yourself or you enlist the help of a design agency. Where will you be starting with this process?