Film night – but is she just watching the pennies?

couple eating cinema popcorn

Cinema and hotels are the places we suspect of being the ones where we are most likely to be overcharged.

Snacks such as popcorn and mini bars join the likes of smart phones and alcohol as the items we see as the most overpriced.

Others include bottled water, cigarette and printers’ ink, according to a leading savings site which looks at the impact the so-called pink tax, Brexit, Coronavirus, and gentrification have had on the cost of living and the overall price of certain products.

Even though cinemas had been closed for over a year, popcorn still topped the list, followed by hot dogs, drinks and sweets.

Most of us also agree that certain services charge too much, citing the likes of taxis, and utilities such as gas and electricity.

The data provided by the Overpriced Index also shows that, although men and women are generally agreed on price issues, men are more likely to think the price of alcohol is inflated while women are more likely to complain about the price of sanitary towels.

The top items Brits deem to be the most overly expensive are products we buy out of convenience

Before Brexit came into place this year, more than two-thirds of us were concerned about price hikes. Since then, just over half say they have noticed prices going up.

The most common goods and services they notice were fruit, delivery fees, customs charges, meat and cheese.

People in Belfast are noticing Brexit effect most, with nearly three quarters saying they have been aware of price increases in certain products and services. Following closely behind are those in Scotland.

People in Birmingham are most likely to notice price dips, however, followed by those in Newcastle and London.

To avoid paying over the odds, Millennials are the age group most likely to spend time researching where an item comes from before committing. In comparison, those aged 18-24 are least likely to be concerned by increased costs.

Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at, said: “It’s natural that the cost of goods and services will fluctuate over time, however, it’s interesting to see the items Brits feel are notoriously overpriced. There are many everyday factors that impact our spending, but larger influences such as Brexit, ‘the pink tax’ and the pandemic have led to increases in prices of our favourite products.

“The top items Brits deem to be the most overly expensive are products we buy out of convenience. Certain items will cost more depending on where you buy them, so it’s always worth shopping around. Thinking ahead and buying snacks at the supermarket before you get to the cinema, for example, can help.”

For more details, the full Overpriced Index report can be found here


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