Entrepreneurial zookeeper keeping giraffes in the picture

A Chessington zoo keeper takes a selfie with a giraffe using a 6 metre long selfie stick

An entrepreneurial zookeeper at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey has created the first ever selfie stick for pictures with giraffe. Dubbed the ‘Self-ari Stick’, it will allow guests to  to snap the perfect shot, meaning it’s goodbye to height difficulties and poor angles and hello to memorable pictures with Moja standing at 16.5ft, Tonda and Kito both at 15ft, Napoli at 13.5 ft and Oscar at 11.5ft.

Becky Apperley-Gawn, the zookeeper who created the device, said: “When guests meet our giraffe it’s incredible to watch – adults and children alike stand in awe. Educating guests on the animals we look after is a huge part of what we do. With only around 1,500 Rothschild’s (Nubian) Giraffes left in the wild, raising awareness for this now vulnerable mammal is massively important to us. With the introduction of the ‘Self-ari Stick’, we’re able to ensure guests have the perfect picture to take away and hopefully remember the giraffes’ fight against ‘silent extinction’.”