Does Your Business Qualify For £50,000 In R&D Tax Credits?

Research and Development tax credits are a HMRC scheme designed to help support businesses that have spent money on innovative projects. Our specialist R&D tax advisors have helped companies all over the UK to easily access these funds and transform their business!

Some of the businesses we have helped make successful claims

Businesses in any industry can claim R&D tax credits, as long as they operate from a limited company. Some of the industries we’ve made successful claims for include:

● Manufacturing and engineering

● Construction and Building

● Cleaning and Hygiene

● Design and Fitting services

● IT and Marketing companies

● Agriculture, farming and forestry

● Car dealerships

● Car and Van rental

● Printing companies

● Software Developers

● Oil and Gas

● And many more

What is R&D?

If your business has spent time on any of the following, you’re probably eligible for the R&D tax credit.

● An innovative project to change or improve your business

● Solving technical problems as part of your work

● Developing a new product, process or service

● Or improving an existing product, process or service

How to make an R&D claim?

With just a few hours of your time and a handful of key documents, our expert tax consultants could finalize your claim. Here’s our simple 5 step process for making a claim:

● Book a free assessment

● R&D deep-dive meeting & information gathering

● Zest will write up your claim

● Your claim is submitted to HMRC

● Receive your R&D tax credit

Why work with Zest?

Zest specialise in helping companies claim R&D tax credits, it’s the only thing we do. So if you want to get the best results, without spending hours filling out forms and writing down details about your projects, then get in touch. We offer:

● No win no fee claims

● Zero Tie-Ins

● 100% Success Rate

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