Dive into our range of Microsoft Surface devices

Guest post by Alex Reczkowski, Microsoft Product Manager

Microsoft Surface is in stock at Jigsaw24 – and there’s a device to suit every user. This dynamic range has the perfect fit for students, office workers, remote workers and anyone who needs high performance, long battery life or stunning graphics, empowering you do to whatever from wherever.

The range comprises tablets, laptops, 2-in-1 laptops plus desktop options which can all be integrated seamlessly by Jigsaw24 for the ultimate user experience. The tablets deliver performance and portability you can depend on from wherever you work, with the laptops being ideal for users who need extra battery life and power while on the go. Want the best of both worlds? The impressive 2-in-1 laptop/tablet devices provide flexibility for every user.

The Surface Studio brings magnificent power into the mix with its ability to be a desktop or a 28” tablet. It offers stunning graphics and power blended with video editing capabilities, plus impressive connectivity options for those times when presentation is everything.

Designed to help you do more, connect more and create more wherever you may be, the added bonus of Microsoft designing both software and hardware in the Surface range means your experience will be seamless. The Surface range has something for everyone.

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