CV experts reveal what makes staff happy

Woman happy at work

Staff like nothing more than feeling trusted, according to a survey by one of the UK’s largest job sites.

Nearly 70 per cent of the 2,000 professionals polled by CV-Library said that that being trusted to get on with their job was one of the key measures of success.

This was even higher than the third that identified a high wage as a measure of business success and way above having a PA or being able to hire and fire staff.

Interestingly, this applied more to women than men, with 73.2 per cent stating it as a key marker for success as opposed to 67.2 per cent.

Men placed a higher value on earning a high wage, specifically more than £50,000 although women placed a higher value on working from home when they wanted to.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, which attracts over 4.3 million unique job seekers every month, said: “It’s great for your employees to have clear goals at work, but it’s important for them to be realistic; otherwise they may leave your business in search of something that better matches their needs.

“Naturally, every employee will have their own objectives when it comes to work and what they want to achieve; and these might not always align with what you’re able to offer. However, it’s important to be transparent.”

The top ten key wins:

  • Earning over £50k –36.1%
  • Working from home when they want –12.3%
  • Managing more than 10 people –20.7%
  • Not having to report into anyone –16.4%
  • Having their own office – 13.4%
  • Having 35 days’ annual leave – 12.9%
  • Travelling abroad for work – 11.6%
  • Having a company car – 7.6%
  • Being in charge of hiring and firing –4%
  • Having their own PA – 5.2%