The cost of dodgy phone signals

UK businesses’ bottom lines are suffering because of office-based mobile signal issues, according to new research for the network service provider the Freshwave Group.

Ninety-seven per cent of companies report mobile signal issues in their offices, with most acknowledging serious knock on effects.

Specifically, 72 per cent say they experience negative effects related to their employees, such as wasted productivity, lower morale and complaints. Seventy per cent report lost sales revenue or direct costs and 52 per cent believe client satisfaction suffers or that the firm’s reputation is damaged.

Researchers surveyed 500 senior business leaders of UK companies with 100-500 employees, found that nearly seven in ten experience these issues daily. As many as 94 per cent believe it will be even more important in two years.

Simon Frumkin, CEO of the Freshwave Group (pictured), said: “Business leaders understand that there’s a growing need for reliable mobile signal at work.

“Our research showed that 62 per cent of companies at least partially fall back on mobile networks if their broadband or Wi-Fi connectivity fails. It’s especially important that resilience is built into firms’ connectivity if they want to keep everything running smoothly.”

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