Confidence in management key to good employee engagement

By Lord Mark Price, below, WorkL

Last month the employee engagement data platform that I founded, WorkL, revealed that employees in the USA have the highest Confidence in Management (CIM), with a Confidence in Management Score of 76% which is five percentage points higher than the Global average of 71%. With this confidence, we can see a workforce that is strongly empowered in their job.

This data has come from our annual WorkL Global Workforce Report 2024, which provides a global outlook on the state of people’s working lives throughout 2023.  Data from over 300,000 employees across the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK has been used to provide insight into how happy people are at work and, importantly, what employers can do to support their workforce.

Confidence in Management is key for many employees’ happiness at work and 2023’s data from the UK shows Non-Disabled employees have a score of 69% when it comes to rating their confidence in their managers. We are seeing a two percentage point difference from those who are Disabled who have a Confidence in Management score of 67%.

Analysis of the Flight Risk and Wellbeing Risk in management highlights that there is a notable difference between Management and Non-Management globally. Managers globally have a Flight Risk of just 20% which is 10 percentage points lower than non-managers (30%). 

Managers globally have a Wellbeing Risk of 24% which is 10 percentage points lower than Non-managers (34%). Managers must ask themselves how they can support their employees at work and reduce their Flight Risk – this could mean addressing levels of Reward and Recognition and engaging with them on working hours or Career Development. When looking at UK Management, the data reveals that they receive the lowest confidence in management score of 73%, against a global average of 75%. 

This snapshot of the state of the world’s workforce is intended to inform and inspire organisations to understand how they can better motivate their employees. Confidence in Management is a key driver for employees to feel empowered in their job, so it’s a good indicator of how happy an employee is and one that I encourage all employers to monitor closely.