Coffee customers put help on tap for the homeless

The London Coffee Chain, Gentlemen Baristas, in partnership with TAP London, has raised over £20,000 for homeless Londoners through contactless customer donations.

The campaign which ran in their London coffee houses allows customers to tap to donate £3 at the counter. It was a huge success, making up over 10 per cent of the total raised by the charity so far, and is the first of many initiatives they have planned to help the charity.

TAP London is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of homeless Londoners through contactless technology and innovation.

Founded in 2017 by two Londoners, TAP was born of the concern we felt about the growing levels of homelessness, and the knowledge that decreasing levels of cash would have an even more detrimental effect on those in need.

Gentlemen Baristas co-founder Edward Parkes, said: “We’ve been blown away by our customers’ generosity, particularly in such uncertain times. Covid-19 has affected us all but the homeless community has been hit harder than most. We’re proud to work with the extraordinary people at TAP London.”

Polly Gilbert, Co-Founder TAP London, added: “The Gentlemen Baristas have been an extraordinary fundraising partner. From launching the TAP initiative in November 2018 to living through a pandemic, their baristas continue to encourage customers to donate to homelessness every single day.

“With the need never greater than it is now, we are delighted to celebrate their dedication to alleviating homelessness in London, and raising over 12 per cent of total contactless donations made to TAP. As we like to say: not all superheroes serve coffee, but some do!”