Charity puts focus on staff abuse

abuse victim in window
A charity in the West Midlands is campaigning to raise awareness of domestic abuse and support businesses in becoming safe spaces for staff.
The Haven Wolverhampton has launched its “Purple Pledge Campaign”, for zero tolerance workplaces, ensuring they have the right tools in place to support vulnerable employees.
To mark the launch,the team has created its inaugural ‘Purple Pledge Week’ to run util May 5, coinciding with the World Day for Safety & Health at Work.
Pamilerin Beckley, Architect of Stories at The Haven, explained: “Domestic abuse costs businesses £1.9 billion each year through reduced productivity and performance, and with abuse often being not just physical, but also emotional, sexual, financial, or psychological, employees can often hide the issues from their workplace.
“The purpose of our Purple Pledge Campaign is to encourage as many businesses as possible within the region to join, help us raise awareness and enable us to provide them with the tools to support their teams — whether it’s training, having a dedicated domestic abuse policy put in place, or having a workplace champion who employees can turn to for confidential support.”
Around 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men will be stalked during their lifetime with many abusers often attempting to harass, stalk, injure, or threaten their victims at their workplace.
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