How to captivate millennials with web design

By Ronald Wolf

Even though a strong argument can be made claiming that every person has their own opinions of what is appealing and what is not, the truth is that you might not be as unique as you think you are. Different demographic groups have their own unique approaches to certain situations, which allows web designers to categorise certain actions they take as more or less suitable for this particular demographic. This being said, here are few ways to captivate millennials who are currently becoming one of the most influential groups in modern corporate culture.

  1. Share-friendly content

One of the first things you need to know about millennials is that they are probably the favorite demographics of digital marketers worldwide. Why? Well, simply because they are likely to share content they like, rate a company they felt pleasure doing business with and rate the service they found useful. This means that by doing only a part of your job right, you can start a social media avalanche without even trying. This is why rule number one of captivating millennials lies in making your website and your content share-friendly.

2. Stay up to date

Aside from being omnipresent on social media, millennials also consider themselves to be incredibly tech savvy, which makes them respond negatively to sites that aren’t up to date. According to experts behind one of the most reputable Website Design Perth companies, this doesn’t go only for news and trends you display on your blog but also to the themes, plugins and other third-party software you are currently using. The maintenance of your website is a serious matter and it needs to be seen as such at all times.

3. Start by introducing yourself

Another thing you need to focus on is the way in which you introduce yourself to your audience. Sure a wall of text can be quite efficient at describing what is it that you do but there are definitely some better ideas out there. For instance, watching an informational video before offering a CTA (call-to-action) button to your clients can result in a 144 percent higher conversion rate. This is mainly because people adopt information from visual means 60,000 faster than through text, while formats such as video appeal to all your senses at once.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Finally, everyone knows that the world of the 21st century is a mobile one. Currently, about one-third of world’s population owns a phone and it has been two years since Google officially announced that the number of searches from phones surpassed those made from desktop setups. As you can only guess, millennials represent a huge portion of these mobile users, which is why you need to adapt in order to appeal to them. You can start by choosing mobile-friendly formats like the above-mentioned video, infographics or even short comics. Aside from this, you need to make your interface touch-friendly and your format easily legible from a phone.

In conclusion

While there are many other methods to increase the effectiveness of your approach to millennials, these four alone are bound to do miracles for you on this end. Apart from this, you also want to put a strong emphasis on speed and even resort to minimalism in order to achieve it. Another honorable mention would be taking up a cause, which is, yet again, completely up to you. The world is your oyster.