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Kristina Mydlar

If you have a great business idea or are ready to commercialise your Fintech solution, specialist Mydlar Consulting can help you build, finance and launch your platform or app.

Are you ready to build the future of finance? You might have a great concept or a working product, but do you have what it takes to turn that idea into a thriving Fintech business? At Mydlar Consulting, we can help you go from idea to action, laying the groundwork for your success.

Mydlar Consulting is an independent advisory boutique focused on Fintech companies, including startups. We have over 20 years of experience within the banking and fintech industries (gained with institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, Mizuho and Demica), as well as working in cooperation with Prime Revenue, Taulia and C2FO. Founder and CEO Kristina Mydlar has advised a number of startups, alongside her experience across major financial institutions. With a strong track record across origination, structuring, implementation and execution of trade finance and working capital products, Mydlar Consulting has the necessary skills and knowledge to turn your idea into a reality.

Who we are

Based in London but working with clients and partners across various geographies, Mydlar Consulting lives and breathes Fintech every day – and is proud to support the fintech community to launch their ideas, scale up and thrive. We can add value to your business in the following ways:


An independent review of your platform/app functionality and setup. A deep dive into your processes and procedures within a specified part of your business or a specific team, or a chance to analyse client onboarding efficiency and provide solutions. Whatever your review covers, Mydlar Consulting can propose more efficient ways of working in order to save costs, find additional revenue streams, unlock trapped working capital and create a more collaborative structure with other partners that can complement your offering.


Every great idea needs funding to move to the next step. We get you funding-ready, assist with your investor presentations preparation, review your financial projections and connect you with suitable investment partners for funding at Seed or Series A level.


A great idea must translate into a great solution to take the world by storm. At Mydlar Consulting, we assess the viability of your solution, provide recommendations and plug you into a highly specialised team of software developers.

Success stories

Mydlar Consulting has the knowledge and skills to help make your Fintech project a success, no matter what stage of the ideation or creation process you are at. Our results speak for themselves, including the following success stories:

Client: Professional services team within a financial industry business

We carried out a deep dive into the Professional Services team who provide the technical build/set up for clients. The project comprised a thorough review and analysis of revenue streams, processes, technical readiness and roles and responsibilities.

The result: An additional £2.4m actionable revenue.

Client: Supply Chain Finance platform provider

Our task was to design and review the internal procedures and processes related to supplier onboarding. We designed and co-ordinated the build of the fintech’s Supplier Onboarding tool, which connects to the main trading platform.

The result: Accelerated onboarding process, higher trading volumes and improved customer experience.

Client: Fintech start up using AI for balance sheet optimisation

The business offers a platform solution using AI that generates a self interrogating self calibrating supply chain that optimises in real time the balance between cash, cost and service freeing up cash and facilitating finance department’s visibility into supply chain design parameters.

The result: Mydlar Consulting have connected the start up with the right funding partners.

If you’d like to contact us to discuss your specific requirements, you book a FREE consultation, call +447958 633385 or email [email protected]

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