Call security – we’ve jobs to fill

Bodyguard in dark glasses

Demand for security staff has soared by 400 per cent in the past three months, according to newly published job vacancy data.

The figures came amidst growing concerns around staff shortages across the UK, particularly in the hospitality and nightlife sectors, as they prepared to open back up fully on July 19.

The job data was taken from Orka’s temporary work platform, Orka Works, used by 60,000 workers in the security and FM sector, and by some of the world’s biggest employers including G4S and ISS.

Their findings follow recent estimates from the Night Time Industries Association that 60 per cent of security roles for pubs, nightclubs and festivals risked being unfilled when theses business reopened.

As well as highlighting potential staff shortages, the data also indicates that large employers are increasingly opting to hire temporary workers over permanent staff, allowing for more flexibility in case of further restrictions or Lockdowns.

Orka CEO Tom Pickersgill, said: “In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of roles available on our platform for security workers. This is part of a wider trend of worker demand we’re seeing across the retail, hospitality and nightlife sectors.

“I don’t believe this demand, or the staff shortages, will disappear any time soon. A combination of Brexit and the pandemic has made it very difficult for employers to find and keep hold of their workforce.”


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