BUSINESS SHOW: The importance of sharing your story

The Business Show 2016 at London’s Excel saw SME Magazine’s own Louise Naughton give a talk on PR and branding for small businesses. Here’s her advice for getting your name out there…

Number one thing to remember is that to tell your story you have to have a reason for doing so…it can’t just be a sales pitch. Give something back, ask questions, let it be a conversation and be a thought leader. How often do you approach journalists and try to get your story out there? It can be difficult if you aren’t offering something new.

Promotional sales pitches and press releases are not going to be showcased. If you can offer something relevant to a wider story or can offer comment on current affairs you’ll get snapped up.

Engage people

What are journalists interested in? The practical steps to success – how can other people follow in your footsteps? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? What are your opinions on challenges facing SMEs that have already covered? We want to hear you voice. Put your story in a succinct way. Journalists think in headlines and intros and you need to be engaging right off the bat.

Getting published

If you want to be involved in print media, take a look at the forward features lists for magazines and see what you have to offer. Make sure the publication you are targeting is right for you, and get in touch to tell your story. If a journalist is already signposting that they are looking out for a business with your area of expertise, it is more likely they will take you up on your offer of telling your story. If you contact a journalist, feel free to follow up the next day, but if you don’t receive any feedback, that most likely is your feedback – it’s not relevant.

Don’t just bombard publications with press release after press release. Put some time in, tailor your story and always ensure that you are relevant.

If you are interested in getting your name out there, nominate yourself for the SME Awards coming up in June…