Bridger Howes – the other players

Bridger Howes is a media consultancy company with just two employees. SME caught up with them to find out more about the business…

Who are your biggest competitors? What makes your company special compared to its competitors?

We prefer to collaborate than compete. However, there aren’t many other PR companies whose content is produced by a trained journalist with a background editing lifting and other industrial magazines. Where manufacturing, construction or material handling companies are looking to promote themselves, we offer an unrivalled ability to raise the profile of clients so they are respected as authorities in their market.

Tell me about your clients – who purchases your products?

Our clients are largely equipment manufacturers or suppliers, providing anything from highways equipment to cranes and related components. We also work with trade associations and technical committees. Anyone looking to address a trade or niche audience uses us to get their message across in a way that educates, informs and commands respect.