Bosses promoting a positive workplace culture are most valued by staff

The UK’s small firms most value commitment to the job and good communication skills in their bosses. This is according to research by workspace provider Regus.

Communication skills and commitment were most valued by 93% and 91% of respondents respectively. Honesty, confidence and the ability to motivate people were also revealed to be highly valued qualities, each identified by 89% of respondents.

In contrast, financial competence scored 76% and innovative thinking scored 77%. Technical knowledge and ruthlessness were seen as the least desirable traits, identified by just 65% and 45% of UK small where to buy modafinil UK businesses respectively.

Regus UK CEO Richard Morris comments: “The most popular qualities identified by our respondents are all ones which promote a positive workplace culture. While technical knowledge and financial competence certainly have a part to play, a truly great small business leader is someone who knows how to make employees feel valued, who sets a positive example with actions rather than just words and who uses encouragement, rather than intimidation, to draw the best out of people.”

SME Publications/ SME XPO 2024