Boost for SMEs as Zoho upgrades flagship operating system

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, today introduced new apps and services in Zoho One, the operating system for business. The new update features five new apps, three new services and seven major platform enhancements to help businesses unify systems, data and teams.

Since its release in 2017, over 40,000 organisations already have chosen Zoho One as their operating system. During the months of global and economic crises, Zoho One witnessed a 60% year on year customer growth with the average number of apps used by businesses rising to 21.

The new release empowers businesses to solve disjointed data challenges and close communications gaps across silos, so organisations can become more productive, adapt more quickly to changing business conditions, and become poised for growth.

The three new services included in the latest Zoho One update are: Org dictionary, a bespoke central dictionary that works across an entire suite of apps to incorporate any of an organisation’s unique lexicon; Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management, to help larger organisations manage the growing number of employee devices on a company network, which has boomed since the advent of long term remote working.

And finally,  Work Graph, a new back-end service that maps interactions between people, resources, systems and processes, to create a day-to-day productivity graph that is specific to each individual.

The new apps included, are: Data Preparation, a self-service data preparation and management tool; Zoho Commerce, which allows businesses to build buy priligy online no prescription online shops with the necessary commerce infrastructure like accepting orders, tracking inventory and processing payments.

Also, the learning management tool Zoho Learn is now included, as well as augmented reality visualisation tool for technical issues, Zoho Lens and TeamInbox, which helps manage and consolidate all team project communications, regardless of whether they are using different email providers or are at different organisations.

Some of the major platform enhancements allude to the user experience improvements to navigation, calendars and dashboards, which are now unified, enabling customers to work from one screen rather than incessantly switching between tabs or apps.

Finally, Zoho has improved Zoho One with ‘Enterprise Search’, enabling customers to search for keywords across an entire suite of apps. Zoho has also introduced Embedded and Conversational AI, and increased the number of Telephony providers they can integrate with.

“The experience that employees, customers, partners, and suppliers get when dealing with businesses is typically a reflection of how that business and its systems are structured internally. Today, the majority of systems are disconnected as a result of siloed solutions offered by vendors,” said Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, Zoho Europe.

“Unification of a business requires unification of the underlying systems, which can then provide a truly unified experience, internally and externally, along with unified insights. Zoho One was created with this vision and keeps expanding its unbeatable value with new additions and improvements year over year.”

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