BCC continues expansion with new research Insights Unit

Shevaun Haviland, BCC Director General


As part of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) expanded national offering, it is launching a new Insights Unit to provide businesses with best-in-class intelligence on the big strategic issues impacting the UK economy.  Following on from the recent announcement of the BCC’s new Business Council, the organisation is continuing to expand its offering to UK firms through the launch of a new research unit.  


The BCC Insights Unit will bring together all of the strands of research the BCC currently undertakes, including the Quarterly Economic Survey, the largest private sector business survey in the UK; the Quarterly Economic Forecast, currently ranked by the Sunday Times as the country’s second most accurate; as well as a leading programme of business surveys which inform the national economic debate. 


The BCC will leverage its extensive data, expertise and research platforms to help organisations understand business and consumers views and wider market trends. 


Announcing the launch of the Insights Unit, Shevaun Haviland, BCC Director General, said: “It was great to announce our national campaign ‘Where Business Belongs’ at our Global Annual Conference in May, and I’m delighted to share the latest development as part of that campaign with the launch of our new Insights Unit.  


“Over the last two months, we have set up our expert Economic Advisory Council and developed our Business Council offering as part of the national campaign. The BCC Insights Unit further strengthens the value and power of the BCC for British businesses.   


We know there is significant demand for top class research from businesses looking to gain invaluable insights into consumer trends and opportunities. With the BCC running some of the largest and most accurate research programmes in the UK, we are perfectly situated to cater to this need.” 


David Bharier, Head of Research at the BCC, said: The economic turmoil of recent years has shown that strong intelligence rooted in clear evidence has never been more important. 


“Our current suite of surveys, which receive tens of thousands of business responses, is used extensively by the Government, Bank of England and private sector to help with their planning and policy development.  


“The Insights Unit brings our research together and builds on this by developing a broader range of polling and analysis services to help organisations get answers to the questions they have.”