SME Magazine – Autumn 2020

SME Magazine cover image: Dr Joshua Van der Aa

The Autumn edition of SME Magazine is available now with a new look and a new impetus.

Produced while the country was in Lockdown, it’s a magazine for the Coronavirus age, one in which a generation of businesses have been forced to reassess and redefine themselves,  their markets and, often, the way they even think about business, just to keep going.

It’s also one in which the true spirit of the entrepreneur came to the fore, something that has been reiterated time and again on the pages of this site.

Inside this issue you’ll find stories of inspiration that show it was far more than just Government loans that drove business this summer. And it tackles the many questions that SMEs face at what is, let’s be clear, a historic time for commerce in this country.

The new look was driven by the creative input of David Hicks, a designer with a portfolio which includes the likes of British GQ, Vogue, cheap xanax online australia Manchester United, Guards Polo Club, and Sky Movies.

Our cover features Harley Street’s rising star Dr Joshua Van der Aa who innovated and improvised during Lockdown with new and exciting social media content and video consultations.

And he’s not the only one. From takeaway foods to car dealerships, the story has been he same. There’s business to be done, it’s just a matter of finding new ways to do it.

There’s also expert analysis on what we can expect in terms of the office of the future, leading figures in the fields of health and wellbeing and customer engagement give their view on life under Covid and we have pages of IT innovations and appointments.

There’s even, lest we forget, legal opinion on one of the many implications for small businesses of Brexit

We’re pleased with it and we are pleased with what it says about British business.

We hope you will be too.

Read it here now

Richard Burton, Managing Editor