Adzooma Launch new Marketplace Platform 

International online software provider, Adzooma, has today announced the launch of a brand-new digital platform called Adzooma Marketplace, which brings together businesses and marketing agencies – across all industries and communication specialisms – to align their needs.   

The Manchester, Nottingham and London-based company has been developing this new online service for several months now, but took the decision to fast-track its development and the launch in a bid to support businesses due to challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.    

Adzooma will be working with leading independent and specialist agencies, with expertise ranging from search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation to content marketing, web design and much more, to promote their talent and transform their client base through Adzooma Marketplace. 

The platform aims to provide support for these agencies, as well as transformation services for businesses in the current times, resulting in a connection that strives to generate mutual success and profitability on both sides. All listed agencies will be evaluated by Adzooma to ensure that they are of a certain calibre before they can appear on the Adzooma Marketplace platform. 

Rob Wass, Co-Founder & CEO at Adzooma commented: “Our Marketplace platform solution will enable agencies to promote their specialism and really get their talent and expertise in front of UK and international businesses. 

“For businesses, our new platform will enable them to source agencies to gain the insight, guidance and expertise they need to improve their digital marketing and fulfil their marketing requirements, as well as maximising their ROI.

A consistent, unified platform alleviates confusion, removes all the jargon and allows businesses to find concise information in one direct place

“The beauty of working with us is that there is no cost to businesses and we ensure they gain the required results by connecting them with the right type of agency to fulfil their briefs.”

News of the launch follows Adzooma’s recent announcement that they will now provide a 50% discount to agencies, small businesses and all those who use Google, Microsoft or Facebook to showcase their business or services, after gaining an overwhelming 65,000 new accounts following their initial offer period. The discount will take effect from June 1st for three months and businesses need to sign up during the month of June to ensure they benefit from this offer.

Ian Lockwood, Founder and CEO of Boom, a specialist digital marketing agency specifically targeting e-commerce businesses said of the launch: “I think the market has been crying out for a service such as this. Numerous businesses are looking for a trusted and simplified way of sourcing and comparing digital agencies to find the right fit for them. 

“A consistent, unified platform alleviates confusion, removes all the jargon and allows businesses to find concise information in one direct place. I think the Adzooma Marketplace could become one of the key lead generators for businesses like ours, especially as PPC ads are prohibitively expensive in this sector, plus networking and generating referrals is very time consuming, so something that generates qualified traffic in this way is very much in demand.