Vegan Business Tribe Live returns to London

More than 20 industry experts, vegan business founders and investors will be taking to the  stage for the return of Vegan Business Tribe Live at London’s Olympia from November 18-19. The event, sponsored by Vegan Accountants, is returning to London as part of VegfestUK after a successful premier in 2022.

Speakers will include the founders of some of the fastest-growing vegan and plant-based brands in the UK, such as One Planet Pizza and Better Nature Tempeh who have both seen huge breakthroughs into the supermarkets and major retailers this year.

The event is organised for a second year as a collaboration between Vegan Business Tribe and Vegan Accountants, aiming to showcase the best of the vegan business scene and give help to those looking to grow a vegan business.

The lineup also includes industry experts such as Indy Kaur, founder of Plant Futures, who will be sharing the next big trends in the vegan and plant-based sector, following her time working in plant-based strategy and food trends at Tescos. Others, such as vegan PR expert Karin Ridgers, will be delivering workshops on how to get your vegan business in the news, while a panel of vegan angel investors will be sharing how to attract investment into your company.

Organiser, and Vegan Business Tribe founder David Pannell said: “We had hundreds of attendees last year and we knew that event was going to be hard to top. However getting expert speakers like Andy Shovel from THIS and Chris Kong from Better Nature Tempeh to join us on stage has helped us build an unmissable rockstar lineup.

“Vegan-run businesses can find it hard to get good-quality support and advice from people who understand their mission. I mean, just talking to a business advisor or your accountant as a vegan business can be a minefield if they don’t share your ethics. That’s why it’s been so important to us to get a fully-vegan lineup this year of people who have gone out there and done it themselves, and are willing to help other vegan businesses follow in their footsteps.”

The event is part of VegfestUK, who is celebrating 20 years of vegan events in the UK and are hosting a number of areas and stages as part of the weekend.

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford said: “Vegan Business Tribe have delivered another excellent lineup this year, stunning even. It’s been incredibly hard for all businesses over the last couple of years, especially our retail exhibitors who were hit so hard by the covid lockdowns. Vegan Business Tribe have been a rock for many vegan businesses to cling to.”

Attendee Jason Rustage founder of Gourmet Poke added: “I attended the first Vegan Business Tribe Live last year with some ideas about setting up my own business. After listening to the session on how to start a vegan business, I quit my job and launched Gourmet Poke! A year on, I’m now running an award-winning food business in Bristol and am already expanding. The information I learned at the event was crucial for getting me off the ground.”