Fun things to do in the main cities of the Netherlands   

Dutch canal scene

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The Netherlands is one of the most interesting and vibrant countries in Europe. Especially known for its cosmopolitan capital city of Amsterdam, it has so much more to offer other than just the canals and museums, and if you venture further afield, you will discover dynamic cities like Eindhoven, The Hague and Rotterdam as well as plenty of picture postcard pretty towns.

As the country is relatively small, it is easy to get to see a lot of it in a short amount of time. Two of the best ways to get around are either on a bicycle or by renting a car. The latter will allow you to get out into the countryside and experience the full glory of the beautiful tulips and iconic windmills. Consider renting a car locally with someone like this 

Discover the canals of Amsterdam

If you start off in Amsterdam, it will be well worth your while to discover the beauty of their vibrant canal system. The best way to experience this fully is to take a water taxi or a boat tour that will show you all of the most beautiful parts of the canals. And if you don’t want to take a boat, you can also always just take a nice stroll among the banks.

Unique spots in Eindhoven

One of the other main cities is Eindhoven, the design capital of the Netherlands.  This lesser-known city has so much to offer in terms of unique hot spots, creativity and innovation. The modern metropolis also offers great food and shopping. It’s only 111km away from Amsterdam, meaning you could easily visit both cities in one day, especially if you rent a car. You can easily rent a car Eindhoven to help you be able to see some of the sites that can’t be reached by bicycle or on public transport.

Visit the beach

And if you want to go even further afield, the Hague is a good choice, being the only city with a beach that is located directly on the North Sea coast. Aside from the beach, it also offers chic hotels, many monuments, beautiful art museums and great shopping. While you are in the city centre, the tram is a good choice of mode of transport, being able to reach the beach in only twenty minutes.

Another great Netherlands destination is the port city of Rotterdam. This hip and artistic city also offers incredible shopping and a trendy nightlife. Its famous for its architecture and the city’s skyline is always changing. So, whether you want to go on a shopping spree, visit a range of museums and enjoy some incredible food, this city has it all.


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