Restaurant app for socially distanced diners


The restaurant industry received a major boost today with the launch of a free new app which enables contactless customer experiences in restaurants.

 TableRes launches as a smartphone application which allows guests to order and pay at the table in restaurants without interaction with a waiter.

 It was launched by hospitality software provider BookingTek backed by a £2 million investment. It is being provided free to medium and large restaurant chains to help manage social distancing by eliminating face-to-face contact.

The TableRes app enables full-service restaurant customers to reserve a table and, on arrival, view the menu, order and then pay at the table, eliminating contact with staff and physical items, such as bills and credit cards. The app can also be used in hotels wherever food and drink is served. Quick serve and fast casual restaurants can also use it to allow customers to find the closest location, see the menu, order and pre-pay for delivery, or pick up at the counter or kerbside.

Many restaurants are likely to be dealing with supressed demand, reduced capacity and heightened customer concern

TableRes is available as a mobile web app that does not need to be downloaded. It only requires users to scan a QR code. Alternatively, it can be embedded in an existing app or delivered as a standalone iOS and Android app.

Restaurant managers will also have access to a powerful floor management system that manages bookings from all sources and brings them into one screen. It also manages guests, profiles, tables, servers, waitlists and a whole host of other front of house functions.

The app’s validated integration with Oracle Simphony POS makes it quick and easy to deploy across large estates and the system can handle multiple languages and currencies. It also comes with SinglePay: a built-in, simple, e-commerce solution that enables just one e-merchant account to be used for all restaurants in a chain.

Matthew Stubbs, the CEO and founder of TableRes, said: “As lockdown begins to lift and the hospitality industry reopens its doors to customers, we want to help customers and restaurants adapt to the new normal. 

“Recent research has shown that guests are likely to feel more comfortable and safe in restaurants that use contactless technology. Many restaurants are likely to be dealing with supressed demand, reduced capacity and heightened customer concern.

“We feel the best way to help them manage through this, is to provide our contactless customer journey tools free of charge. It’s our way of giving back to the clients that have helped us build our business.”