Tutora – the other players

Tutora is an online marketplace for students and tutors. SME caught up with co-founder Scott Woodley to find out what makes the business stand out from the competition…

Who are your biggest competitors?

Our biggest competitors are existing listings sites. They charge parents an upfront fee for securing the contact details of tutors on their sites, which is really problematic because it means that their aims are not aligned with their clients – ultimately, it would be great for them if their users kept coming back for different tutors, but terrible for the parents and students.

Instead, we use a commission-based system, which means that we align ourselves with the parents. They are generally seeking longer-term tutors who they can trust to build a relationship with their children. We want the same thing, as this means that they will take more sessions. Ultimately this means that parents love us because we are always trying to find the right person for them and offer https://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/anticonvulsants.html great customer service.

Tell me about your clients – who purchases your products?

Our business has two types of user: tutors and students.

Tutors come to us because they are looking to secure new students. We have all kinds of people tutoring with us: from students who are experts in their subject to retired teachers, golf professionals to chess grand masters and ukulele virtuosos. It’s amazing to think about the talent pool that forms our tutor base.

Students are our real client focus, but they are still incredibly diverse, as we deliver tuition for all ages and subjects. Some students come to us directly, often looking to learn languages, or for higher level tuition. Primarily though, we work with parents who are looking to secure tutors for their children, and so the vital component of our site is trust. Our main market is GCSE tuition and we believe this will remain the case as we expand, with Maths being the most popular subject taught.