Zero hour contracts: the lawyer’s view

The lawyers' view
The lawyers' view

Advice for SMEs on zero hour contracts: “Don’t get hung up on terminology (zero hours) without considering what the issues are and structure your requirements to attract talented workers for the time you need - above all be flexible and approachable.” Lucy McFlynn, a partner in Employment Law at BWB LLP

“The Secretary of State for Business, innovation and skills has given himself the power to amend the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 and change the regulations for zero hour contracts. If the government believes that zero hour contracts are being abused then new regulations will be forthcoming.” Angela Shields, a partner and employment law specialist at Pitmans LLP

“The focus on zero hour contracts has been largely negative, especially from an employer’s perspective, as it paints a picture of insecure workers on short hours and low pay.” Simon Bond, employment lawyer at Higgs and Sons LLP

Throughout our Zero Hour series, we explore the pros and cons of the controversial contracts…