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Campus Society
Campus Society

Campus Society, the global university network, aims to help students break down barriers and collaborate. SME caught up with Rashid Ajami, CEO and Founder to find out about the competition…

We feel our product is unique. Most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Meetup are not designed for students; they connect users with existing social circles and their posts are often not contextualised, lost in a channel feed.

Chat services like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Viber only function with existing friends and are not optimised for project collaboration. Academic content management systems like BlackBoard, LearnMore, Sakai and MyEdu are all online forums controlled by an institution or a teacher, not available universally to all students at all universities.

Campus Society allows you to find the people that are relevant to you but that you do not yet know. This could be people in your university, class or students across the world that share similar interests. This creates a new and unique network effect. We also provide the space (channel) to make collaboration and idea exchange seamless and easy.