Versarien – the ups and downs

The ups and downs
The ups and downs

What have been your biggest challenges? How did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge has been around securing funding and getting others to believe Versarien’s story and credibility and share in our vision. We are able to overcome this by delivering on our promises. We are very fortunate to have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2013 which has been extremely beneficial to us.

What have been your greatest successes?

Alongside being listed on the London Stock Exchange, our greatest success has been winning the UKTI Startup Games in 2012. We beat 500 international competitors to win gold and that award opened so many doors for us – we met the Prime Minister and people from really innovative companies such as Amazon and Google. It was absolutely fantastic for us!

What are your top tips for SMEs?

• Surround yourself with a good team and look after them. Your team is only as good as its weakest member

• From our experience, an SME’s biggest strength is thinking differently to other companies

• Never say no to new opportunities, and always go the extra mile

• Embrace new technology, like the cloud which helps SME businesses to become truly agile – SAP Business One has empowered our agility to go even further.

• Be cheeky and approach people via Twitter. It can really pay off if you get the chance to engage with someone very influential.