UI Centric – the story so far

UI Centric - the story so far
UI Centric - the story so far

UI Centric is a full-service technology company with an emphasis on user experience and multi-platform solutions. SME caught up with UI Centric CEO Dan Ulzhoefer to find out more…

Tell me about your company – where did the idea come from? How did you get started?

UI Centric was founded before most other companies within this sector and also before people gave much thought about the quality of their user interfaces, especially before the smartphone revolution began. The opportunity on offer to us was to use very early stage information architecture principles and apply this to large enterprise software to improve ROI.

Could you tell me a bit about your product range?

UI Centric provided services covering the full product lifecycle. This includes, User requirements capturing, user experience definition, graphic design, development, product QA, and post deployment support, which is managed by our ITIL Service Desk.

Our work ranges from consumer websites and applications to complex enterprise software solutions. We take a technology agnostic view, ensuring that we use the right technical approach to delivery the best user experience. To achieve this we have built frontend and backend development teams, working across all the major platforms, including Web, iOS, Android, Windows, as well as nuanced platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Our UX design service is built around User Centred Design (UCD) principles, which are committed to serving the needs of the end users of an IT product. We have our own in-house user test laboratory, which allows us to test early prototypes of concepts, ensuring we reach the best possible solution in the fastest manner, saving time and money for our customers.