Twitter: You are what you Tweet

You are what you Tweet
You are what you Tweet

This will largely be based on your “Goals” from step 1. If you’re using Twitter for fun and communication with friends then feel free to just chat as normal. If you want to start engaging with others you don’t know, then you have to talk about things that may be of interest to them. And if you’re not a celebrity this will mean avoiding talking about yourself too much!

If you’re using Twitter for business, it’s even more important not to talk about yourself too much. Twitter accounts full of self-promotional Tweets are not that interesting to anyone, although there are always exceptions,

How Often To Tweet

This will vary a lot dependent on what you are looking to achieve. If you’re in business and looking to use Twitter commercially you are going to need to Tweet more often. If people get used to you being there and you Tweet interesting stuff regularly they are more likely to keep following you, start conversations with you and importantly share your stuff.

Of course this can be time consuming, so you need to make a schedule for using Twitter just like you would for checking your email. You definitely want to avoid getting sucked into checking your Twitter account throughout the day. In this respect, Twitter can be more distracting than your inbox, so set a schedule and stick to it!

Follow To Get Followed

Over time people will come across you due to the information you Tweet, they will then start following you, but you can be proactive about obtaining more followers. One of the best ways to get more followers, is to follow more people.

In the earlier years of Twitter if you followed someone, the etiquette was to follow them back, this is how some of the early adopters of the platform gained thousands of followers.

Although not everyone still follows this etiquette, many do, and as long as you make sure your account has plenty of interesting Tweets, a good bio with a link to your website and a professional profile image you’ll find reciprocation will not be an issue.

Now uou are up and running, watch this space to find out how you can use your account to your advantage…