Twitter: Share Generously

Share generously
Share generously

One of the reasons Twitter is so popular is that it is really easy to share information, not just your own information, but others too. If that information is interesting enough it can even go viral, spreading around the web very quickly. This is one of the attractions for businesses, the ability to spread messages widely with relatively little effort.

The trick to getting your content shared is to write or produce interesting and useful stuff, whether it be a quirky photo, short video, a “how to” article or just an interesting comment. You also need to be open to sharing others content too. Very much like getting followed, if you help others spread their content they are more likely to reciprocate.

Twitter looks to help SMEs

Twitter has set a firm goal of helping small and medium businesses to increase their visibility both online and offline level. To do this, data was analysed on the activity of Twitter users, and how they interact with brands through this channel.

It found that brands are usually present in the conversation that takes place in the realm of 140 characters. More than 80 per cent of users mentioned a brand in their tweets during the six-month study period.

Another important conclusion that the study was able to bring about, was the influence of these interactions on the behavior of users. According to data from Twitter, more than half of respondents (54 per cent) undertook some action regarding the mentions of the brand.

Some 23 per cent went to the corporate websites and blogs, while another 20 per cent wanted more information on the own Twitter profile of the company. Meanwhile, 19 per cent decided to try the brand as a result of seeing a tweet about it.

Twitter has published a useful guide, especially for SMEs, which shows tools and tips to make Twitter as a useful way to connect with the target audience.

This guide is intended for both companies that have not yet registered their account with Twitter, and for those who already have some experience in this environment.

For the uninitiated, the guide begins telling the previous steps and basic acting tips. From here, the following actions are designed to create a basic strategy in this environment, with helpful tools such as a calendar of publications, tweets templates that help stretch their imagination.

Finally, once these companies have already launched, the guide aims to help these organizations to bring their strategy to the next level, with recommendations, success stories and case studies.

Twitter is convinced of its usefulness to encourage SMEs, and has decided to go for them, helping them overcome the initial barrier and ignorance which is introduced into the world of 140 characters.

In tomorrow’s instalment of our beginner’s guide to Twitter, we recap the site’s functionality…