Turtle Tots: Top tips for growing SMEs

Case study: Turtle Tots
Case study: Turtle Tots

• What would be your top tips for other SMEs looking to grow?

• You pretty much need a separate budget to export – it can be very expensive and you don’t want it eating away at the budget for your core business.

• Research websites and legal issues in any country you are looking to export to – this can be a bit of a minefield, but UKTI offer some amazing services to help you get your head around this.

• If you are in a licensing modellike ours find out if any licensees or potential clients may be thinking about moving abroad – that way you’re branching out with minimal hassle.

• Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward for awards – that’s how we won the trade mission to China and it was a fantastic learning experience.

• Invest in customer service – we believe that ours really sets us apart from our competitors and it’s the reason so many customers go on to be licensees. We’ve created a great sense of community and we are looking to build on this in future.