Turtle Tots: the power of social media

Case study: Turtle Tots
Case study: Turtle Tots

• How do you advertise? Do you make much use of social media?

When we first started out we advertised on websites targeted at mums, and we still do that on an ongoing basis so that we have a presence in those online communities, but since we invested in SEO we get a lot of business through Google.

Around half of our licensees started out by taking their baby to classes with their local licensee – they loved it so much that they opted in themselves. Each new licensee gets their own Facebook page set up as part of the initial training, and we do use that quite heavily to advertise and get the word out there.

Over the next few months we’re keen to start using Instagram more, as we have a very visual product – everyone likes looking at baby photos, they really do look adorable. We’re also hoping to start vlogging about our lessons and other baby-related issues, to try and position ourselves as a resource for all the mums and mums-to-be. Ideally, mums taking classes with Turtle Tots will get in on the act and start vlogging for us to really increase that sense of a community.