Top tips for SMEs who want to use the cloud

Top tips for SMEs
Top tips for SMEs

• Rethink your business model – many small businesses were founded before the rise of the digital age. It is important to think “If I started my business today, what would I do differently?”

• There are a lot of different cloud services providers out there – do your research and find one that fits your needs. See if you can get some demos and try them out

• It might seem easier and cheaper to start with an ad hoc solution, but the more you grow the more you need a solid, reliable platform that you can manage seamlessly – plan ahead

• Don’t just have a digital strategy, have a business strategy for the digital world

• Don’t invest time and money in something that isn’t core to your business – leave it to the cloud. Run all your IT infrastructure in the cloud and use managed services of trusted partners to oversee the infrastructure

With thanks to Luis Murguia, senior vice-president and general manager for SAP’s cloud-hosted solution for SMEs, Business One and senior vice-president and global head of the partners’ marketing organisation at SAP, Hernan Marino