Top tips for SMEs from big business

Top tips from big business
Top tips from big business

• Start planning early. Most of our interviewees wished they had spent more time planning, testing and communicating with their employees. Set up a project team with support from across the organisation.

• Know your staging date. This is worked out from the size of your PAYE scheme in April 2012.

• Look at your data. AE is largely about data processing so the higher the quality of your data the better.

• Contact your payroll provider. Different providers will be able to offer different levels of support so make sure you know what yours can do for you.

• Choose the right pension provider. A large provider with lots of experience of similar employers to yourself may be able to help you a lot.

• Think about cost. Lots of employers have found it is more expensive than expected, so build AE into your financial plans.

• Document every decision. Sometimes the regulations are unclear so record how and why you make each of your choices. This will help to prove in the future that you tried to follow the rules.