Top tips for securing angel investment

Securing an Angel Investment
Securing an Angel Investment

1. Know your business and team and drive with passion – pitch to win

2. Familiarise yourself with the cash flow

3. Know your sales forecasts inside out, including projections

4. Practice until it’s perfect and time the pitch whether it is 90 seconds, three minutes or five. Start the pitch with your executive summary

6. Paint a clear picture of your journey – the facts only

7. Know your exit strategy – sell in five years, etc

8. Be clear, concise, smile and make direct eye contact to establish empathy. Don’t forget to research who is on the board of investors

9. Some investments are ‘sexy’ to particular investors but not to others – remember: it’s not personal

10. Follow up on their comments and actions to impress them

With thanks to Karen Melonie Gould, CEO of Gateway2Enterprise