Top ten ways to overcome your block

Top ten ways to get creative
Top ten ways to get creative
  • Scientists from Stanford University have shown that foods like nuts are helpful when giving your creativity a boost, breaking down any writer’s block.
  • Alcohol has been shown to boost your creativity because it lets your inhibitions down and allows you to follow different thought processes without being overly critical.
  • The process of making a cup of tea can actually help you to overcome your block. Taking some time out from your task can help to refocus your attention.
  • Go to an art gallery. Sounds clichéd, but if you work near a gallery, take a trip to look at some pictures and let your mind wander as you look at the different figures and shapes.
  • Paint your walls blue. Blue has been found to be the most stimulating colour when it comes to boosting your creativity.
  • Meditate in the dead fish pose (lying on your back and letting your body sink into the floor). This can relax you enough to empty your mind.
  • Carry a notebook everywhere for those last minute jot-downs.
  • Take frequent breaks. Don’t work too hard.
  • Gazing out of the window might feel like you’re doing nothing, but watching the world go by can really stimulate your work.
  • Play your favourite song very loud and sing along wildly. This will get your endorphins pumping which will hopefully stimulate motivation.