The story so far - Feefo

Feefo - the story so far
Feefo - the story so far

Feefo, a contraction of ‘Feedback Forum’, is a ratings and reviews provider that verifies the legitimacy of the reviewer. Merchants can use Feefo to generate ratings and reviews on their behalf, and consumers can be sure that they are all from a real customer. SME caught up with founder Andrew Mabbutt to find out more...

The original concept for Feefo was born after a very bad experience of purchasing online. A company that, to all intents and purposes, looked reputable in a Google search, with glowing written references. However, the company turned out to be far from reputable. Further research suggested many businesses were abusing the concept of “testimonials” and “customer reviews” and so in 2010, Feefo Holdings Limited was created.

The company harnesses the technology by which only genuine consumers, who can validate their purchase, are allowed to leave feedback about their experience of the service from the company they had bought from and indeed, feedback about the product separately.

Could you tell me a bit about your product/services range?

Our core offering is an invitation-only customer feedback request, post purchase. This allows us to validate that the consumer being invited to leave feedback is genuine and has made a purchase of a service, product or both from the Feefo member. We are quite unique in that we ask the consumer to separate their feedback for service and product. Why get a poor rating for a product, only because the delivery was late, for example? By separating these two areas, we provide huge amounts of valuable insights and business intelligence to the merchants, to help them focus on where they can improve their performance to become even better businesses, but with the knowledge that every single piece of feedback can be matched to a genuine authentic consumer purchase. We have evolved the concept to include feedback for offline purchases, ie high street store experiences and have recently become the first independent invitation-only review platform to allow consumers to upload video and picture content to accompany their purchase.

Tell me about your clients – who purchases your products?

We have more than 2,500 clients, ranging from large, global companies such as Expedia and Monarch, to smaller businesses. Our clients are the most forward-looking suppliers in their sectors – some are in the business of retail, others are in the travel and entertainment sector, others sell CDs, furniture, or health food.