That’s mine – gift ideas

That's mine - gift ideas
That's mine - gift ideas

That’s mine is a manufacturer of functional and stylish personalised embroidered gifts for babies, children and children with special needs. The company was founded by husband and wife team, Elaine and Paul Cribb – SME caught up with Elaine to hear their story…

Could you tell me a bit about your product range?

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products. We have a That’s mine branded range of towelling, bags and blankets, manufactured in the UK’s textile capital of Lancashire and the collection also includes many well-known and leading baby and toddler brands, many of which are British.

Our collection includes some of the finest names such as Bizzi Growin, BoBo Buddies, Cawo, Cuddledry, Doudou et Compagnie, Daisy Roots, Gummee Glove, Jomanda, Kaloo, Madpax, Moulin Roty, Ragtales, Solemate Socks and Zippysuit, all personally embroidered to make that gift extra special.

The range includes new born gifts such as bibs, comforters, slippers, rattles, bodysuits, t-shirts and cuddlerobes. For the older baby and toddler there are luxurious fleecey blankets, fleece bags, super soft cuddly toys and wonderful towelling gifts. Young children will love their very own swimming towel, drawstring bag and backpack.

That’s mine has a gift for everyone, the new born baby, the infant, the toddler, the little nursery tot or the older school child. The range has been put together to be fun and stylish but at the same time be practical and useful. All products come with a special, personalised That’s mine gift bag and some are also presented in a special gift box.

We provide a personal touch in this often impersonal and digitised world. Our range is fun and functional, stylish and colourful, high-quality and tactile.

Many babies, children and children with special needs require a tactile and sensory experience. Our motto ‘everyone an individual’ embraces the unique personalities of children; every child is different, every child is special. Our personalised products can help with bonding at bath time and bedtime, feeling secure, being comfortable and loved and can give children a sense of identity and wellbeing.

• Tell me about your clients – who purchases your products?

We sell direct to the public via our website. We are contactable through the website, phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We have a loyal customer following since the original launch in 2000. Today we have a new generation of mothers, grandmothers, family and friends.

Many years ago our customers would actually send in thank you notes and photos. Nowadays it is so instant with social media and we receive many lovely photos of babies and children with their That’s mine gifts.

• Does anyone else do what you do?

There are other personalised companies out there, providing embroidered gifts as well as a variety of other personalised items. The market place is not over flowing with personalised gifts and a lot of these companies are providing a different type of product and are catering for a different sector. There is definitely room for That’s mine. We like to think that we are providing design led, quality products for the middle to upper income sector. Although our products are extremely high quality and will last for many years, they are still great value for money. We do offer products from as little as £6 to £85. We feel there is ‘something for everyone’ on our website.

We are different from other ‘personalised’ companies because, as well as our own That’s mine branded range of towelling, bags and blankets, our collection includes many well-known and leading baby and toddler brands. With these leading brands, we have taken an already ‘valued’ product and added ‘even more value’ by making it extra special by applying the personalised embroidery.

Our company motto is ‘everyone an individual’. This relates, not only to each and every personalised product that we produce, but also to each and every one of our customers. Our products are personal and unique and we hope we create that special, personal touch with all our customers too!

We believe that as a company we provide a very personal experience. We are a small family company (at the moment). Everything about That’s mine practices what it preaches……individual, unique, personal…..all our little customers that receive gifts feel special, all our bigger customers are also treated as individuals. As companies get bigger, they lose that personal touch, even those that provide ‘personalised gifts’ which is quite ironic. We are confident that the brand and company ‘That’s mine’, as it grows, will remain ‘personal’ with customers, in all aspects of the business.

Our motto ‘everyone an individual’ stands firm and will continue to stand firm, as we progress and develop the business. It is the foundation on which everything is built.