Switch on the benefits of Business Mobility

Business mobility
Business mobility

The world of business travel and transport is changing. Business travel is no longer just about the company car. In fact the car as we know it is left unused for 95% of the time, so it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your companies’ assets.

Cars will of course still feature heavily in business travel but their role as the only means of transport is being questioned and adapted with the help of some clever thinking. Take car sharing for example:

It offers on demand access to vehicles and a cost-effective and efficient way of keeping your people on the move. Electric cars and vans are also even more established within businesses as misconceptions are dispelled and appetite among companies who want to implement a sustainable fleet keeps growing.

‘Mobility’, the term used for this new approach to travel, means getting people where they want to go as quickly and efficiently as possible and includes several areas of development and innovation. Two of the most important are ‘Intelligent Mobility’ such as smart app technology and ‘Business Mobility’ which as its name suggests, offers a number of business travel solutions.

The trends that are reshaping business strategies also require new approaches to providing employees with mobility. Employees aged 18-34 in 2016, grew up with the internet. App-savvy and ready to work wherever there is Wi-Fi or a phone signal, they have no desire to own or drive cars to the same extent as the generation before them. While the employees before them travelled in order to connect with people, today’s younger people want to connect and collaborate while they travel.

Whether they are traveling in the UK or abroad, employees want the option of completing their business trip door-to-door in as little time as possible. They want to reach their destination smoothly, predictably and on-time. Seamlessness and multi modes of transport are the core themes of mobility.

As companies move on from the idea that the only way for their employees to get from A to B on business is in a company car, demand is growing for solutions that deal with the entire business travel needs of every individual and of the organisation as a whole. It’s important that your mobility provider understands that a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work for a market as diverse and dynamic as SMEs.

Managing company cars can be time consuming and eat into resource and productivity. This is why significant levels of growth in the UK leasing market are being driven by SME customers who are switching on to the flexible benefits of leasing and advanced mobility solutions such as car sharing and electric vehicles. SMEs need more direct, dynamic and fast-paced solutions than other markets. Decision making needs to be quicker and solutions more agile. In the past SMEs didn’t have access to a full suite of products and expertise that larger companies benefitted from, but now this has changed. SMEs are able to work with specialist mobility companies to get the best for their employees and the most out of their business travel solutions.

Business Mobility essentially offers: an efficient, smooth and transparent approach to reducing your businesses’ operating costs and carbon footprint across a variety of fleet and travel activities. Whether you have 2 or 250 employees, the right business mobility provider will offer the right solution for your business.

Business mobility analysis from business mobility experts, will help map-out your companies’ existing situation, identify pinch-points and opportunities for improvement, and then implement changes to their travel activity.

At Alphabet it’s our job to make business mobility easy and convenient for you. We will advise you of the most appropriate way to meet your business travel needs. We work with mobility users from Travel and Benefit Managers, through to Procurement, HR, Operations and Finance Directors to understand all of their individual mobility requirements. We help transform the way you think about mobility which in turn helps drive the future of your business.