Super market sweep and changes in consumer behaviour

Changes in consumer behaviour
Changes in consumer behaviour

Recent research conducted by The Retail Think Tank demonstrates that there has been a shift in the way in which consumers purchase their groceries.

Nick Bubb, of Zeus Capital, independent analyst for the report said: “The way in which we buy our groceries have changed with many consumers favouring a bulk online order for key staples with visits to convenience stores during the week for fresh goods.

“This has shifted away from hyper-markets and spells trouble for the mainstream grocers.”

These predictions are in reinforced by research conducted by the Association of Convenience Stored (ACS) in their Local Shops Report. Published in November 2014, the report highlights how the average spend in local stores has risen from £6.04 to £6.13, that the number of people visiting a corner store at least once a week has risen from 84 per cent to 86 per cent with the number of stores in the UK rising from 49,880 to 50,747 with fruit and vegetable stores being the fastest growing sector.

In tomorrow’s instalment of the Supermarket Sweep series, we look at the SMEs supplying the supermarkets…