Start-up standout – Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce interview

Michiel van Deursen, Director of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), gives us his take on the Dutch capital...

What makes the Netherlands such an exciting, vibrant place to be an entrepreneur right now?

The Netherlands is a very open and welcoming place to do business with an extremely well-connected, internationally-oriented business community.

What can UK businesses learn from the Dutch start-up scene?

I would say the scene in the Netherlands doesn’t necessarily differ a great deal from that in the UK and I believe it goes for both countries that there is a positive and stimulating environment around starting a business.

Do you have any tips or advice for UK businesses looking to export to the Netherlands?

Expect direct responses. The Dutch tend to be far more direct than British people, which may sometimes be perceived as offensive. Use the Netherlands as a stepping stone into other European countries. The Netherlands has close economic links with most of our neighbouring nations and UK companies should try to tap into these networks.