Start-up standout - Future trends

Future trends
Future trends

Small and medium-sized businesses hoping to get ahead of the curve in Amsterdam should watch out for these future trends making waves in the city...

• There’s a big focus on green, sustainable business. The more eco-friendly a start-up is, the more popular it is likely to be. Some 44 per cent of all Dutch companies are listed in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index, including Akzo Nobel, Heineken, and ABN AMRO.

• Cradle to grave SMEs – mentorship and incubators are going to continue to be a big trend in the Netherlands.

• The city has been labelled as sustainable, which in turn makes Amsterdam more popular as a business destination. The ICT sector is strong and by making it more energy efficient, it will in turn become more attractive to sustainable partners.

• SMEs need to save energy if they wish to remain competitive. Smaller companies, which are responsible for approximately 25 per cent of Amsterdam’s CO2 emissions, are already working with the municipality to reduce their emissions.

• The recently founded EnergieLoket (‘Energy Office’) for hotels, shops, restaurants, offices and business premises is helping to lessen the energy-related burden on businesses.