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"With over 40 licensees in the UK and Ireland, and future international growth planned, we use the cloud to store and share documents, so that our licensees can easily access them, whatever time of day it is and wherever they are."

Caroline Sparks, co-founder and commercial director, Turtle Tots

“Hiveage is my secret weapon for keeping up with the growth of my company, and their toolset has empowered me to easily manage a new level of service that we deliver. Fully automated monthly invoicing and billing allows me more time to look after the needs of my clients. Those days of spending two business days per week manually preparing paper estimates and invoices are in my rear-view mirror. There is no way we could have successfully embraced the number of clients we serve each month using that old system, and I have Hiveage to thank for it.”

Chad Cox, founder,

“I could not run my menswear brand without cloud services. I even had a Skype interview with MSNBC the other day. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also crucial for telling the story behind our brand and interacting with our customers”.

Tom Cridland, founder, Tom Cridland menswear