Setting up shop - the case for London

The case for London
The case for London

The case for London: Eyetease

Eyetease is a technology company that has developed two disruptive digital media technologies for the taxi market – the iTaxitop and CabWifi. SME spoke to founder Richard Corbett to find out why he chose to set up in London…

Eyetease created the world’s first digital rooftop advertising system for taxis (iTaxitop) and London had to be the first City to launch this disruptive new tech. The London cab is the world’s most iconic taxi and the outdoor media market in London is the most premium. The combination is explosive.

London is the engine room for the United Kingdom and everyone is here trying to ‘make it big'. The City has the highest number of HQs in the world and access to these blue chip firms is only a short tube ride (or taxi ride) away. The City is a hub for various industries – in just one day, I can meet investors, marketers, engineers and be home in time for tea – take that, Silicon Valley.

Access to talent, office space and the raw materials is getting better all the time. Thanks to shared office spaces like TechHub and Google Campus, I was able to move from my living room to my first office (well, desk!) which helped catapult my business to centre stage and generate my first multimillion pound sale.

There’s a tonne of support out there. We have recently secured partnerships with Ogilvy London Labs and joined the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme via London and Partners.