Setting up shop - the case for Derby

The case for Derby
The case for Derby

The case for Derby: The Advert Man

The Advert Man is a company dedicated to providing the quality truck advertising on commercial lorries and trailers across the UK. SME spoke to MD and founder Ed Hollands about why he chose to set up in Derby…

After graduating from the University of Derby, I choose to stay within the City as it proved the perfect location for my new business. The A6, A38, A50 and the A52 prove ideal for blank truck spotting for potential haulage partners as well as increasing my mobility to visit potential clients across the UK. It’s centrally located and has an Airport less than half an hour away.

There is a real mix of companies both new and old within Derby: from engineering giants including Rolls Royce and EPM Technology to automotive companies such as Motorpoint and Toyota. It makes it a really interesting city to work and live in and the mix leads to plenty of opportunities for any new business to thrive locally before finding their feet nationally, just like I did.

Derby is also really lucky to have ‘Marketing Derby’ to attract big investment projects to Derby, this create an enjoyable leisure and working environment that's improved drastically over the past few years. Without them I feel Derby wouldn’t be as attractive as it could be.